Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Greetings, mere mortals! 

It is your Spirit Guide with some exciting news about God Mode.
I have cast a spell over the sorry souls at Old School Games that has compelled them to create a little behind-the-scenes look at the daily mayhem of developing the game.  Now that the release is oh-so-soon, I encourage you to spend your last few precious minutes in the real world checking it out. 

Oh, and don't forget to submit your entry to the art contest below. And if you hit one of the "share" buttons, I might spare you in Hades!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Win An Exclusive Piece of Signed Art

Hello, my blood thirsty little sociopaths! It is I, the effervescent master of eloquence, your spirit guide!

I have a delightful treat for your grubby little sausage fingers! The people at Atlus and Old School Games, have deemed one of you plebeians to be worthy of receiving a piece of original God Mode concept artwork, signed by all the twisted perverts on the development team!

 Isn't that lovely!! 

"And how do we get it, oh great master of oratory?" I hear you cry. Well, all you have to do, is write an original, charming little limerick, and submit your entries here, in the comments section. The subject of the limerick... me! What better subject I should say! Here's an example:

"There once was a handsome old ghoul,
Whose body made Spartan men drool!
He's tall and slender
With a sizeable member,
Now don't you think he's rather cool?"

Of course, I chose to give a fact based example there, but we'll gladly welcome fictional works also.

So, wipe the snot off your keyboards and get typing those limmerizzles right now! Woooo!

Sincerely yours,

Spirit Guide


Contest open to entries until 11:59 pm PT this Monday, March 4th.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Spirit Guide has spoken

We are glad to announce the winners of the Ways to Die contest.  

 Let me start by saying that some of you people are very sick indeed.   Having perverted fantasies about the way people die is entirely abnormal.  Of course, that was the task at hand and you exceeded our expectations.  

Unfortunately we could only pick a couple of winners and we picked the ones that we thought fit best with our Spirit Guide's voice, timing and consistency with the other "ways to die" in the game.  It doesn't even mean they were the best overall, they just fit the best. 

 We have learned, however that going to the community is a fantastic way to get contributions that are often better than we could manage ourselves and we are excited about doing this type of thing again soon!  

Thanks from the Old Schoolers!  The winning entries are listed below

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

All You Can Eat Burritos!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winners of the God Mode "Way to Die" Contest.

Winner 1: "Chicken crossing the road" Blogger entry by Julian Belanger.

Winner 2: "All you can eat burrito" Blogger entry by Matt Davidson.
Congratulations to the Winners.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Enter the God Mode "Ways to Die" Contest

Tell Me Again…How the Hell Did I Die?  Be Part of Video Game History!
ATLUS and Old School Games announce the “Ways to Die” Contest for God Mode.
For the first time in the history of 4-Person co-op XBLA, PSN and PC shooters (we think) comes an all-new and exciting contest.  
When you play God Mode, you are already dead.  We want you to tell us how your character met his fate.  In other words what act of stupidity or simple bad luck sent you on your journey to the Maze of Hades?  Why you ask?  What is the grand prize?  Well, it’s legendary!

  ·         Submissions that make us laugh or cringe more than the others will get selected and recorded by our hilariously annoying Spirit Guide for inclusion in the game.   We aren’t limiting the number of entries that get in.  If it’s good, you might just hear it in the game.

  ·         You win, and you also get a game credit in the “Special Thanks” category.
What are the rules you ask?  Well, fortunately God Mode is an M-rated game so we have some leeway with submission content, but we ask you to please adhere to the following rules when submitting entries:

  ·         No mentions of brand names (if it has a TM or © or ®, that’s a good hint that it can’t be mentioned).  You might hate that fast food chain down the road, but if someone died eating its horsemeat burger, we just can’t include the name of the establishment in the voiceover.

  ·         No mentioning of real-life individuals.  Your neighbor might have the world’s worst BO, maybe even bad enough to cause a death, but don’t mention him/her by name or we need to exclude your submission.

  ·         Please refrain from using profanity in the submission.  It might be a funny line to us, but unfortunately we won't be able to put it in the game.

  ·         The phrase should be about 25-30 seconds long that should naturally break down into 6-8 sentences with pauses.  (Read your text out loud with a stopwatch!)  Here is an example:
“There you are sitting in the office at 2 am on a Saturday crunching to finish that stupid video game that you think will change the world!
You look at your to-do list and then the schedule. Back and forth between the to-do list and schedule. Suddenly something misfires in your brain.
Your eye begins to twitch, teeth begin to grind, and bowels violently evacuate.
A stroke at age 29 – such a shame. You’ve wasted your life making video games!”

  ·         Include your real name in the submission as well as an email where we can contact you if you win.
Oh, and there is likely going to be some legal gobbledygook on this somewhere on this site, but we just to need to make the lawyers happy here – if you submit it, we have the right to use or modify it as we see fit.  Sorry for stating the obvious.
Submit your entries HERE, in the comments section below.  The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm PT on January 11, 2013.
Check back often, as we may post some of your ingenious creations on the site.  Either way, we'll announce the winner(s) here on this page on Tuesday, January 15th, so come back then!
Good luck and have fun!